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Path MembersThe Programs for Assessment of Technology in Health (PATH) Research Institute consists of multiple research programs in economic evaluation and health technology assessment (HTA).  PATH's educational and research activities are separated into 5 primary programs:  the Field Evaluation and Economic Assessment Program (FEEAP); the Health Technology Assessment Program (HTAP); the Trial and Economic Modelling Methodology Program (TEMMP); the St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton (SJHH) Health Technology Assessment Appraisal & Review Program (SHARP); and the Health Technology Assessment Educational Learning Program (HELP). The PATH Research Institute is affiliated with the Centre for Evaluation of Medicines (CEM) at SJHH and the Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics at McMaster University.

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Recent News

  • Congratulations to Shoghag Khoudigian, winner of the David L Sackett Prize for Best Presentation by a CE&B Graduate Student/Resident at the CE&B 12th Annual Research Day.  Shoghag is supervised by PATH faculty member Daria O'Reilly.  See details of her presentation along with other PATH contributors to Research Day in the Presentations section below. 
  • Congratulations! PATH faculty member, Daria O'Reilly has been awarded an Early Researcher Award by the Ontario government.  The award will support Daria's work around the cost-effectiveness of diabetes treatments. See the full story in the Daily News.
  • Congratulations to Carolina Alba, winner of the 2013 HRM Student Publication Award for her article Cost-effectiveness of Ventricular Assist Device Therapy as a Bridge to Transplantation Compared to Nonbridged Cardiac Recipients, (Circulation 2013;127:2424-35). This paper was supervised by Ron Goeree.
  • Congratulations to Dr. Morgan Lim for successfully defending her PhD thesis on July 9, 2013.

Recent Reports

Downloadable PDF available for reports - link provided following each citation.

  • Assasi N, Blackhouse G, Campbell K, Hopkins R. Comparative value of erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) and C-reactive protein (CRP) testing in combination versus individually for the diagnosis of undifferentiated patients with suspected inflammatory disease or serious infection: a systematic review and economic analysis. Ottawa: Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health; 2015. pdf
  • Blackhouse G, Assasi N, Campbell K, Goeree R. Human fibrinogen concentrate (RiaSTAP):  Comparative cost-effectiveness evaluation. [CADTH Technology Report Issue 138, July 2014] Ottawa: Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health; 2014. pdf
  • Masucci L, Blackhouse G, Goeree R. Cost-effectiveness of the carbon-13 urea breath test for the detection of helicobacter pylori: an economic analysis. Ontario Health Technology Assessment Series 2013;13(20):1-28. pdf

Recent Presentations

  • Foroutan N, Nafar M, Levine M.  Budget Impact Analysis of Conversion From Cyclosporine to Sirolimus as Immunosuppressive Medication in Renal Transplantation Therapy.  Poster presentation at the CE&B 12th Annual Research Day, Hamilton, ON, March 26, 2015. 
  • Khoudigian S.  Cost-Utility Analysis of Gene Xpert MTB/RIR® for Diagnosing Pulmonary Tuberculosis(TB).  Presentation at the CE&B 12th Annual Research Day, Hamilton, ON, March 26, 2015.
  • Khoudigian S, Devji T, Lytvyn L, Campbell K, Hopkins R, O'Reilly D.  Safety & Effectiveness of E-cigarettes as a Method for Smoking Cessation:  A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.  Poster presentation at the CE&B 12th Annual Research Day, Hamilton, ON, March 26, 2015. 

Recent Publications

  • Foote CJ, Guyatt GH, Vignesh KN, Mundi R, Chaudhry H, Heels-Ansdell D, Thabane L, Tornetta P, III, Bhandari M. Which surgical treatment for open tibial shaft fractures results in the fewest reoperations? A network meta-analysis. Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research 2015 Jul;473(7):2179-92.
  • Chaudhry H, Foote CJ, Guyatt G, Thabane L, Furukawa TA, Petrisor B, Bhandari M. Network meta-analysis: users' guide for surgeons: part II - certainty. Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research 2015 Jul;473(7):2172-8.
  • Tsoi B, O'Reilly D, Jegathisawaran J, Tarride J-E, Blackhouse G, Goeree R. Systematic narrative review of decision frameworks to select the appropriate modelling approaches for health economic evaluations. BMC Research Notes 2015;8:244.
  • Tsoi B, Goeree R, Jegathisawaran J, Tarride JE, Blackhouse G, O'Reilly D. Do different decision-analytic modeling approaches produce different results? A systematic review of cross-validation studies. Expert Review of Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research 2015 Jun;15(3):451-63.