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  • Diaby V, Goeree R.  How to use multi-criteria decision analysis methods for reimbursement decision-making in healthcare: a step-by-step guide. Expert Review of Pharmacoeconomics & Outomes Research 2014 Feb;14(1):81-99.
  • Guo Q, Thabane L, Hall G, McKinnon M, Goeree R, Pullenayegum E. A systematic review of the reporting of sample size calculations and corresponding data components in observational functional magnetic resonance imaging studies. NeuroImage 2014 Feb;86:172-81.
  • Rodseth RN, Biccard BM, Le MY, Sessler DI, Lurati Buse GA, Thabane L, Schutt RC, Bolliger D, Cagini L, Cardinale D, Chong CP, Chu R, Cnotliwy M, Di SS, Fahrner R, Lim WK, Mahla E, Manikandan R, Puma F, Pyun WB, Radovic M, Rajagopalan S, Suttie S, Vanniyasingam T, van Gaal WJ, Waliszek M, Devereaux PJ. The prognostic value of preoperative and postoperative B-type natriuretic peptides (BNP and NT proBNP) in patients having noncardiac surgery: a systematic review and individual patient data meta-analysis. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 2014 Jan;63(2):170-80.
  • Angeles RN, Dolovich L, Kaczorowski J, Thabane L. Developing a theoretical framework for complex community-based interventions.  Health Promotion Practice 2014 Jan;15(1):100-8.
  • Zunza M, Mercer GD, Thabane L, Esser M, Cotton MF.  Effects of postnatal interventions for the reductionof vertical HIV transmission on infant growth and non-HIV infections: a systematic review. Journal of the International AIDS Society 2013 Dec 20;16:18865.
  • Simunovic M, Coates A, Smith A, Thabane L, Goldsmith CH, Levine MN. Uptake of an innovation in surgery: observations from the cluster-randomized Quality Initiative in Rectal Cancer trial. Canadian Journal of Surgery 2013;56(6):415-21.
  • Rocchi A, Khoudigian S, Hopkins R, Goeree R.  Surrogate outcomes: experiences at the Common Drug Review. Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation 2013;11(1):31.
  • Nam J, Caners K, Bowen JM, Welsford M, O'Reilly D.  Systematic review and meta-analysis of the benefits of out-of-hospital 12-lead ECG and advance notification in ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction patients. Annals of Emergency Medicine 2013 [epub available December 21].
  • Lim ME, Bowen JM, Snead OC, III, Elliott I, Donner E, Weiss SK, Otsubo H, Ochi A, Drake J, Rutka JT, Worster A, Hopkins RB, Goeree R, Tarride JE. Access to surgery for paediatric patients with medically refractory epilepsy: a systems analysis. Epilepsy Research 2013 Dec; 107(3):286-96.
  • Goeree R, Diaby V.  Introduction to health economics and decision-making: is economics relevant for the frontline clinician? Best Practice & Research. Clinical Gastroenterology 2013;27(6):831-44.
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